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Come and meet our three new sisters in our Province.  On December 9, 2018, we officially welcomed Sr. Violette Raherimaminiaina, Sr. Theresa Nguyen, and Sr. Madalena Nguyen in our convent of Montreal. Violette arrived from Madagascar on November 20, 2018. Theresa and Madelena arrived from Vietnam on December 5, 2018.  Welcome to our Province and enjoy your first winter with us. 

Convocation to the 2019 Provincial Chapter


On November 15 2018, Sr. Liliane Rancourt, Provincial Superior, officially convocated all the sisters of our province to the preparation of our Provincial Chapter. It will be held from August 30 to September 5 2019.  She chose November 15, anniversary date of our foundress' death, to implore Blessed Mary of the Passion's blessings throughout this important Institute journey as a province. Let us entrust this historical moment «to the intercession of Mary of the Passion, making our own, the words which she wrote some months before her death: God, in his goodness has raised up our Institute for purposes which are already vast, but are not yet entirely known to us. Sr. Liliane Rancourt, Conv. to Prov. Chap. 2019 

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An FMM on the TV Show Format Familial 


January 16 2019

Montreal, QC


Sr. Aline Packenham participated on one of the episode of Format familial, televised on Wednesday, January 16 2019 at 7:30 pm. This weekly half-hour program offers families an overview of subjects that concern them through a series of interviews, practical advice, chronics, and surprising celebrity revelations. During the segment #SANSFILTRE -Les religions, two children asked questions on our insignia, God's presence, our renunciations, and other religions.  Sr Aline reminded us of the missionary vocation of religions that "all have something very good and the important element between all of them is love, sharing, and collaboration." Come and discover these children and their questions at

Diocesan Multicultural Gathering 

January 13 2019

Quebec, QC


Our sisters of Blessed Mary of the Passion convent in Quebec City partook in this annual gathering with Archbishop Gérald Cyprien Lacroix at the beginning of this year. The two auxiliary bishops with several priests and deacons were also present. Government representatives also replied to the invitation. It was quite a crowded affair.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by volunteers who handed out small flags  with the inscription Together, Let Us Build The Earth... Our Common Home. African, Latino, and Vietnamese choirs led the congregation in song during the mass. We felt we belong to God's huge intercultural family with its specific colours according to the countries of origin. Joy overflowed. After the eucharistic celebration, we were invited in the parish hall where we got a chance to greet everyone. This gathering plunged us again in our missionary vocation, reminding us of article 3 of our Constitutions: The Christ who we contemplate sends us out to our brothers and sisters in whom we discover his hidden presence. And our brothers and sisters send us back to the contemplation of Christ. 

French Immersion Department 

at Mgr Marcoux Centre

Celebrates Sister Mariette Gagnon 

End of the school year 2017-2018

Quebec, QC


The staff and teachers of Mgr Marcoux Centre, a community centre of Maizerets in Limoilou, organized a celebration for Sr. Mariette Gagnon in thanksgiving for her 8 years as a volunteer in the French Immersion workshops for immigrants from various countries.  Congratulations Sr. Mariette and thank you for sharing your impressions. "I enjoyed meeting these immigrants.  They gave me so much and it was a pleasure to offer my time. I also appreciated working with the other volunteers, who for the most part were retired teachers.  We became good friends. My reward for volunteering is to know that I am welcomed into a big family. I thank God for allowing me to live this experience." 


Missionnaires de Marie


Missionaries of Mary

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