Provincial News - February 2020

Sharing Love With The Homeless


Today, we see how this seed has sprouted and continues to grow, here, in our parish, in Parc Extension, through the participation and involvement of our generous benefactors and our dedicated volunteers.

CCO Rise Up Conference


Who said that young people in Canada do not like to go to church and do not know God? The RISE UP Conference was not just conferences, but, through these conferences the hearts of the young people were opened to look for the mission God has entrusted to each of them.  It was beautiful to see how the Holy Spirit worked in them.

Christmas at ANCRE


Last December 21, the Right to Employment organized a beautiful party for newcomers from migrant backgrounds from the four corners of the world. The organization does not only guide the newcomers on the path to employment, but also aims at making them happy, to avoid being in solitude, particularly by offering them joyful meetings such as this Christmas party, full of surprises. For such an occasion, all the team members and volunteers at ANCRE took part in facing the challenges of making the Christmas party THEIR PARTY.

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