News - April 2020


Message to Coronavirus


Dear Coronavirus, since your arrival the government is gradually increasing the restrictions: no gatherings of more than 5 individuals, the borders are closed, restaurants and party halls are equally closed….it is the strategy of a complete confinement: stay at home, wash your hands…this saves lives.  However, you could not prevent our provincial from organizing differently. With her team, she decided to use Skype for “a gathering”. This has never been done before. 

AG 2020 b.jpg

2020 Skype Provincial Assembly


The province assembly in Canada was scheduled for March 21 to 26, 2020. 

Who would have thought! Yes really, who would have thought! A virus: coronavirus, a global pandemic, a complete confinement… 

After organizing a Skype province network, our assembly opened as planned on March 21 2020, with a prayer entrusting to heaven this new adventure. And before you knew it, the province’s boat was launched as each one tried to do better than the other.


Baker Lake, Nunavut


It is a source of great joy for us to be able to come every second month from Baker Lake and teach them. We are able to reach out to this mission because of our Inuk leader in Baker Lake, Alexis, who ensures Sunday services to the community in our absence. We always tried to give our priority to the communities where there are no resident priests.




Serving Unto The End


Lord, may the love towards my sisters in the little services that I give become the most beautiful witness of my missionary life of today.