Time of Preparation and Gatherings

In anticipation for October 2019, the Extraordinary Mission Month, 33 English speaking members of the Pontifical Mission Societies national directories gathered in Rome from April 7 to 12, 2019 to prepare for this special month. This formation's theme was Baptized and Sent: The Church in Mission in the World. Sister Rita Kim, fmm, attended with representatives from the five continents.

The provincial superiors of the Americas gathered in Cochabamba, Bolivia for 5 days from March 4 to 8, 2019. They spent the three first days on initial formation with the novitiate formation team. The agenda included visits to the novitiate, pre-novitiate, and the Franciscan Social Centre. The novitiate formation team is made up of sisters Angelica from Mozambique, Fidelia of Mexico, and Nury, novice mistress, from Peru. The two last days permitted the provincials, who will be part of the same region, to share on the life of their provinces.


Sr. Françoise Massy, General Superior, the General Council, and the Provincial Superiors of our Institute partook in our Enlarged General Council (EGC) from September 7 to October 6 2018 in Rome. The theme is Where are we?... And now, where to? 

The logo reminds us of the transformation path undertaken since the General Chapter of 2014 with its different stages, symbolically represented by the u process of

  • sensing - perception, listening to the reality and diversity of the institute and the world around us

  • presensing - the connection to what we are called to be

  • and realizing - sharing together what we want to be, live and witness.

We continue this path as we keep in mind Pope Francis’ challenge. All of us are aware of the multicultural transformation we are experiencing; no one doubts this. Hence, it is all the more important for consecrated men and women to be one with Jesus, in their lives and in the midst of these great changes. Our mission, in accordance with each particular charism, reminds us that we are called to be a leaven in this dough. Perhaps there are better brands of flour, but the Lord has called us to be leaven here and now, with the challenges we face. Not on the defensive or motivated by fear, but with our hands on the plough, helping the wheat to grow, even though it has frequently been sown among weeds. Pope Francis’ homily - February 2, 2017

After this important moment in our history, let us continue to pray for all FMM throughout the world as we follow in the footsteps of the EGC participants. It is time to sow in our hearts the fruits of their labours steeped in our source and our collective intention; the evaluation of the 2014 General Chapter orientations; the sharing of the provinces’ experiences; and the opening unto the future.


Missionnaires de Marie


Missionaries of Mary

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