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This year, we help several of our missions worldwide by funding wells, farm equipment, healthcare, and school nutrition.

Ghana - Artésian Well

Our sisters are asking aid to drill an artesian well for the population of Vumoh, a suburb of Karni in Northwest Ghana. Climate changes, such as droughts, desertification and deforestation have great impacts on waterways and productivity of this community’s livelihood. Thus, they cannot afford to drill an artesian well. They will be, however, able to maintain it through the sales of their crops and life stock.


Argentina – Ecumenical transition home

Our sisters in Quilmes, Argentina have asked our help for Betania home, a transition centre for women and children fleeing domestic violence. It offers a safe dwelling when their lives are endangered due to violent circumstances. The home is a temporary refuge so they can breathe again and find an autonomous alternative way of life for themselves and their children.

Hogar Betania (1)
Hogar Betania (1)

Taller de costura Betania (2)
Taller de costura Betania (2)

Hogar Betania (1)
Hogar Betania (1)


Paraguay –Street Children

Our sisters of the Mita Roga de la Pasión Home in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo in the city of Caaguazu have created nutrition and schooling programs for children from unsafe, broken, alcoholic, and single-mother homes. This leads single mothers to take on the role of father as well as mother. It is a marginalized, displaced, unsalaried population where children must work on the street and for carpenters completing health hazard jobs. The home asked for annual funding for healthy nutrition and better basic schooling that what their parents can provide.

About the Centre

We are a charitable organization founded in 1973 to aid developing countries pursuing of Christ’s mission to “feed the hungry, drink to the thirsty, healing to the sick. What you to unto the least of these, you do unto me.” (Mt 25: 31-40 )

 Missionaries worldwide 

in 74 pays, 691 convents, 5474 sisters, 79 nationalities. 

Mission Centre: visit
Mission Centre: visit

Lucille Barrette
Lucille Barrette

In the fields of


  • Educational, nutritive, and social promotion of street children

  • Professional training

  • Education of young girls from rural areas

  • Holistic formation of poor neighbourhood youth 


  • Maternity and infant healthcare

  • Aid to displaced persons

  • Drilling wells



  • Drop-in for domestic violence victims

  • Reinsertion of young drug addicts

  • Professional and social promotion of women in rural areas

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