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Blessed Mary of the Passion, Foundress

Hélène de Chappotin de Neuville was born in Nantes in 1839.  All through her youth, she searched with passion “what was worth loving”. God’s love took hold of her.  Upon entry into religious life, she received the name, Mary of the Passion. Very quickly, she is sent to India where she worked in the Madurai district for 12 years. She gained a wealth of knowledge on mission and its challenges.

The circumstances

In 1877, after a difficult split, she founds the Missionaries of Mary dedicated to universal mission. A few years later, she joins the Franciscan family and it is the beginning of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

The intuition

To call, welcome, and form religious capable of working in missions, even in perilous and remote areas.  Women seeking their nourishment in the Eucharist, as they are completely consumed at the service of the Kingdom of God. Like Mary, open to God’s plan of salvation.

John Paul II beatified her in October 2002, recognizing her Charism and its fruitfulness
in the Church.

From all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, women join and participate in the mission zeal of her century.  When Mary of the Passion died in 1904, she had founded 86 houses on four continents.  She founded in India, China, Japan, Burma, Tunisia, Congo, Madagascar, Chili… and in most European and North American countries.

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