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Our Charism

The gift that we call Charism has been entrusted by God to the foundress of our Institute, Mary of the Passion.

Offering of our life

With Christ who died and rose from the dead, we participate in the Pascal mystery by the offering of our life. 


Missionaries, we are sent to announce the Good News of the Risen Christ first and foremost to those who do not know Him.



The Eucharist is the center of our life; from our Eucharistic celebration and adoration springs the contemplative and missionary dynamism of our whole life.  


Mary, who was fully open to the Spirit and to the unpredictable plan of God, inspires our prayer life and our missionary life.  

Charisme- Saint Francis.jpg


Like Francis, we wish to live the Gospel in the midst of the world, in simplicity, peace and joy.

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